The start of the trail.

"If I am to live as a man, I must have a mountain" - Diana Gabaldon

The above quote is one of those that have lingered in the back of my mind since first reading it and it immediately sprung to mind as I was going through the images of our visit to Boesmanskloof - Die Galg. Die Galg is situated on the MgGregor side of Boesmanskloof and provides overnight accommodation to hikers that do the Boesmanskloof hiking trail between Greyton and McGregor. It also provides a mountain refuge to seekers of fresh air such as ourselves! 

We visited Die Galg at the beginning of winter (a while ago), and it was already chilly enough up in the mountains to feel like a proper, cosy winter breakaway. Leon had just resigned his day job and we had decided to start The Lion & The Lady, so that weekend will always signify the start of our little business. The cottages had just the cosy mountain cottagey feel that we were looking for.

We were in for some sports however, because as cosy as they look, these cottages are intended as basic hikers cottages, not fancy accommodation. As we got into bed on the first evening, we felt a freezing draft literally blowing through the cottage. On inspection, we realised that there were gaps between the walls and the thatch in various spots. We proceeded to stuff as many blankets as we could spare into the gaps to try to curb the cold. Our saving grace was that they had electric blankets, but we definitely recommend taking enough warm things (and throwing in an extra sleeping bag to be safe) if you visit during the winter months. 

On the second day, the weather cleared enough for us to hike down into the kloof to Oak Falls. The falls were really spectacular and we had a quick snack there before heading back, as we could see some clouds rolling in from Greyton's side and didn't want to get caught in a storm. We barely made it back in time and the rain had started to fall by the time our cottage came into view. It just reminded us of how scarily fast weather changes can be, particularly in these mountainous areas. You can venture out with clear skies above and get caught in mist and storms within less than an hour. 

We spent the rest of our time at Die Galg exploring the surrounding protea plantations and fynbos hills and we also headed into McGregor, where we stumbled upon a rather impressive pottery studio (more on that in a separate post soon)!

We also made a little film about our visit and our love for being outdoors and experiencing new places! We hope you like it!

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