Delaire Graff

An unforgettable day in the winelands.

Delaire Graff is one of those wine estates that we have driven past countless times, often ooh-ing and aah-ing about how beautiful their gardens are and promising ourselves that we'll visit soon. However, living in the winelands, so close to many of these spectacular estates, makes it too easy to think that you can simply visit on another day and so we end up never getting round to some of the estates until a particular reason pops up. This is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago, when the #Stellenblog bloggers were in town. We joined them for a day at Delaire Graff and were blown away by the sense of peace that hangs over the estate as you stroll through the leafy gardens.

The day started off with a walk around the estate. We're not art boffins by a long shot, but the estate boasts an incredible collection of local artists' work. We've loved and admired Dylan Lewis' sculptures for a long time and it was so cool to see them really come into their own amongst the leafy vegetation. They have an impressive collection of his big cats and I immediately got a sense that they act as custodians of the estate, they are so majestic. They also have a whole lot of Anton Smit pieces, including quite a dramatic portrait of Laurence Graff, the owner of the estate. Also, probably the most impressive of all though, is the fact that ORIGINAL Chinese Girl by Tretchikoff stands proudly in the entrance hall of the tasting area - yup, the real one! We don't even have a single picture to share, as we were too busy actually staring at it!

After the art walk, we had lunch at Indochine. We are generally burger and pizza kinda people, so it's a treat for us to be all fancypants and have a proper fine dining experience every now and again. Indochine did not disappoint and we were lucky in that the chef served a tasting menu of sorts, where we could experience a variety of their specialities. The food was every bit as good as it looked! 

"Like a bunch of excited kiddies, we scrambled into the chopper and set off to experience Stellenbosch from the sky."

Following the lunch, we were beyond surprised to see that they had organised a helicopter flip for our group. Like a bunch of excited kiddies, we scrambled into the chopper and set off to experience Stellenbosch from the sky. It was the perfect autumn day and we loved the perspective we always get when we see the world from up high. It always serves as a reminder of how tiny we are and it's good to be reminded of that every so often!

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