A staycation at Spier

Have you guys ever been on a staycation (basically, it's a vacation, but really close to where you live)? We recently spent a weekend at Spier and even though it's right around the corner from us and we've visited many times, spending an entire weekend there made it feel like a proper holiday!

The idea was to document a winter breakaway at the estate as they are running some very tempting winter specials (check them out here). The thing is, winter in the Cape is quite a mysterious thing. Almost everyone in Joburg is convinced that winter in the Cape means that its raining constantly. Capetonians very likely contribute to this idea, because boy they can really milk it if it does rain for a couple of days on end. So even though there are some rainy days and possibly a rainy week here or there, the other days are the best ones you can dream of having. The skies are clear and the winter sun warms you sufficiently to peel off all your layers.

So, chances are that if you venture out to spend some time in the winelands this winter, you'll have a clear, sunny weekend like we had! On the other hand, if it is chilly, you can simply curl up with a glass of Creative Block in front of the fireplace in your hotel room, it's pretty much a win-win situation if you ask us!

We kicked off the weekend with a picnic from Eight to Go Deli on Friday afternoon. We love picnics and getting a picnic from Eight to Go is generally one of our favourite things to do on a Friday afternoon! So, you can't really do us a bigger favour than to give us a baguette with some fresh farm butter, dips, cured meats and cheeses. My mouth is literally watering just writing about it!

After our picnic we headed off to do the Segway tour, which was such a cool and quirky activity to do. You get to see a big part of the farm, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding area. We enjoyed meeting Farmer Angus' chickens the most. They were super curious and immediately gathered around us as we approached. Leon had a hard time keeping his shoes on, as they immediately started pecking away at his laces. It was such a refreshing reminder of where our food comes from and how removed from nature we can become when we live in cities. 

The day concluded with a lovely dinner at the hotel restaurant and we turned in early after dinner!

On Saturday, we slept in a bit, had breaky at the hotel and chilled in front of the restaurants' fireplace for a while before being taken around the estate to get a sense of their heritage and their enormous art collection. Said art collection is waaay more extensive than we initially realised and only a tiny fraction of the collection is actually displayed on the estate. Needless to say, every single building on the estate is steeped in history and character and we loved wandering through all the old buildings.

After exploring the estate, we had lunch at Eight Restaurant. It was our first time dining there and we both had delicious burgers! We spent the rest of the afternoon doing their chocolate and wine pairing, strolling some more and generally just soaking up the lovely sunny day.

We had the best weekend and headed home feeling rested and already itching to go back. A Sunday lunch at Hoghouse Bakery & Café is first on our list for the next time we visit! 


*Disclosure - We do not do sponsored posts. We were treated to a weekend at Spier as part of a trade exchange and chose to share our experience here because we had a great time!

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