Our First Post, Yay!

Hello world! This is our blog. We've been wanting to start this baby up for a long time, so here it finally is.

Starting our Bloggie

Our vision for this here blog is that it will be a true representation of who we are and what we are doing and that it will be a place where we can express ourselves freely. We hope that it will become a conversation where we not only get to share the places we discover, but where you can also tell us what you think. 

So here's to what's around the corner!



  • Marilet

    Thanks so much for checking it out guys!

  • Charl du Preez

    Woop! Excited to follow along on your adventures!

  • Natalie Roos

    Yes! Congrats guys. Can’t wait to see more of your awesome adventures!

  • Fareed

    So excited to read all the tales and follow you guys along your adventures!

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