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Knersvlakte - A week in succulent heaven

We were recently lucky enough to spend a week in the Knersvlakte, one of Cape Nature's recently proclaimed reserves. The Knersvlakte is a vast, rocky landscape that stretches for kilometres and kilometres along the N7. It is also a succulent heaven and contains an insane amount of succulent species, some of which are endemic to the region. There isn't currently any accommodation available on the reserve, but we were lucky enough to be invited by a family friend who is a retired botanist and is currently compiling an online reference list of all the succulent species in the greater Namaqualand region, which includes the Knersvlakte. This is a mammoth task, considering there are thousands of species to find, describe and photograph. We...

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This was our favourite far

The Kalahari. It feels kind of odd to write about our not so recent trips, but the road trip we took to the Namibian portion of the Kalahari Desert in 2015 feels too special not to share with you. It happens so often that we take heaps of photos on a trip that just end up gathering proverbial dust on a hard drive. But no more! This little corner on the interwebs is a place where we can come back to, scroll through the pictures and remember the stories.   We take our time, stop regularly to take pictures or to have coffee and rusks by the side of the road We love our leisurely road trips. We take our time,...

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