Terms and Conditions



The Lion & The Lady is a trademark and close corporations owned and operated by The Lion & The Lady Photography CC, CK 2002/053338/23, Registered Office: 301 Danrust Building, 8 Handel Road, Roundhay, Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape Province, South Africa, 713. When referring to The Lion & The Lady, we refer to The Lion & The Lady Photography CC

By accepting a Quotation or Estimate, you acknowledge having read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

Quotation Validity

Our quotations are valid for 14 days after quotation date stated above. When a quotation is not accepted within 14 days after quotation date, The Lion & The Lady can revoke the validity of a quotation in view of the availability of its members. When a quotation is accepted or the service requested more than 14 days after the initial quotation date, discounts and bonuses that were part of the initial quotation are no longer applicable.
Quotations can be accepted up to 14 days after their issuing date. Quotations that are accepted longer than 14 days after the date of issue may be subject to changes in pricing.


To guarantee clear communication The Lion & The Lady require that you choose one contact person within your organization to discuss the project. The Lion & The Lady will only accept input, feedback and comments from the agreed contact. Input and feedback from other spokespeople in your organization will be channeled through your chosen production contact.


In case of total cancellation the deposit will cover initial ideation time, development of the product and any cancellation fees that may have been incurred.

In case of a technical breakdown causing the accidental loss of the project, The Lion & The Lady will assess the viability of redoing the lost work, otherwise The Lion & The Lady will return your deposit and you agree that no other claims will apply to The Lion & The Lady, its staff, partners or subcontractors. In case of a Force Majeure both parties agree not to submit any damage claims and not to undertake any legal action or claim against the other party.

Project Scope

This proposal describes your photography budget based on the available information at the time of its creation. As a client, you agree to co-operate with The Lion & The Lady to keep the production within the agreed scope and size. Extra work, ordered after project approval, and confirmed via email will be invoiced at hourly rates as detailed in this proposal. The Lion & The Lady will always ask for approval via email before scheduling in extra work that exceeds the project described in the approved quotation. As a client you agree to keep the project within the agreed scope.

Project timelines

Both parties will agree on a project timeline with the initial quotation. Projects that are pending and depending on the client's input may be finished as-is by The Lion & The Lady in case the client can not provide the necessary input within a 6 week period after a request by The Lion & The Lady. In this case, all outstanding invoices are due and the project end result will be delivered as-is. The Lion & The Lady will always notify the client of this 6 week deadline.

Final Delivery

An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent and is due on delivery of the final product. In case of a short notice production, you agree to send us a proof of payment on delivery.

Payment Delays

Should our team agree to a delivery before payment of the end balance, then you as a client agree to pay the remaining balance within 7 days after delivery of the final product. It is agreed that after the due date marked on the balance invoice, 10% of the total due balance will be charged as interest pa, on the outstanding and overdue balance.


Upon reception of the payment in full, ownership of the copyright is transferred from The Lion & The Lady Photography CC to you as a client. As long as the project has not been finished and paid in full, full ownership of the copyright of all photographs is owned by The Lion & The Lady Photography CC.

Portfolio Use

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree for The Lion & The Lady to show your final product (the approved photographs) in their online portfolio, on their Vimeo and YouTube channels and on their global websites www.thelionandthelady.co.za, as well as on the associated social media pages.


Although The Lion & The Lady has exercised due care in preparing the final product, it accepts no liability, and by receiving this document, the client indemnifies The Lion & The Lady against all actions, claims, demands, losses, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses arising from or in connection with services rendered, and by the use of the information contained in the final product.

Final Remarks

By accepting this quotation and the attached Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that the agreement is for a creative service. Any difference of opinion based on personal appreciation will not influence the agreement or the due balances upon accepting the quotation